Why your presales cost is growing as a consulting firm (And how to fix it)

Thomas Struyf


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Are your presales costs growing year on year?

Chances are they are. And chances are I know why.

Clients today expect to receive more value from you, earlier on in your relationship. They want to see you as a trusted advisor throughout the sales process.

At the same time, there’s a surge in competition from companies moving upstream, downstream, or expanding globally – meaning that effective differentiation has never been more important.

And with offerings becoming more complex, consulting companies are forced to bring together senior consultants, architects and deep domain experts earlier in the sales process - further pushing up presales costs and putting enormous pressure on margins.

So how can you fix it and keep those costs down? Winning consulting companies are doing three smart things:

1. They’re making sure their past references, expertise and client cases are effortlessly accessible to everyone in the company.
2. They have multiple processes in place that protect the quality of their content so that only the most relevant, up-to-date information is being shared with clients.
3. They’re reusing existing building blocks as much as possible, drawing on past experiences for inspiration and even to start drafting 80% of each new proposal.

The result? Lower presales costs and a vastly more scalable proposals process – in which their efficiency actually increases as they grow.

And the bonus is there’s really no need to trade speed for quality. These companies are instead able to offload senior consultants and architects from the proposal process, further growing their margins.

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